How we work


We are recognised by the Institute of Consulting and Chartered Management Institute

The work we do usually follows these six steps:

1.  Find the problem

Most clients come to us with a problem, challenge or other big moment in the life of their organisation.  We offer to meet to talk it through and get everything down on paper so we agree on the task.

2.  Scope the project

Next we suggest a project plan, including an audience map.  Your existing audiences may be clearly defined, while potential audiences may not.  We produce a draft plan which sets out how – and how quickly – we can make progress.

3.  Research – recruiting

The audiences you know are usually easy to find, but what about new people who may be interested in what you have to offer?  They may be younger people who have never heard of you, or people whose need for your product or service comes from a completely new angle.  Finding them usually involves a process of finding out even before the research starts in earnest.

4.  Research

We can deploy big picture researchers who are great at polling, surveys or online sentiment analysis.  We can balance this with smaller studies of groups and individuals.   We put a research team together with just the right skills.  It’s about getting the answers to help with the problem we agreed at the start.

5.  Results

What are your existing audiences thinking about you?  Can you reach new audiences without losing loyal customers?  Do you need to innovate or do you need to promote?  Once the results are in you will know for sure.

6.  Report

We’ll write a report for your commissioning team and deliver this with a presentation telling the story through pictures, graphs and interviews.  We deliver the evidence and create the plan which you can use to solve the problem.


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